What the world would be like if woollen clothes didn’t exist!

Everything you can imagine is real – Pablo Picasso
Indian subcontinent has three seasons, summer, monsoon and the winters. In other countries, summer and winter are the only two seasons. It means each person on earth encounters with the cold weather for four to six months in a year. Climate of cool breeze and woollen clothes. It depends on the place; some are cold, others colder and others freezing cold. It is just the woollen clothes, that saves people from the chilled weather. Otherwise a coughing man and a sneezing woman would have been the couple of the season.
Imagine if woollen clothes do not exist at all! How does the world look like? Or rather feels like? How will the kid’s go to school on a freezing mornings? Hope there is a solution to the issue, otherwise a generation will fall short of education. What about people traveling long distance for work? Hope their employers give them additional sick leaves during this time. Are the grandmas and the grandpa’s good? Or is the climate getting too harsh on their old skin. Does the list ended here? Or the consequences are much harsher that my imagination?
I am sure it is goanna be a great market for the air-heater companies, even bigger than the smartphones market. Car’s with air heaters will be the new luxury. Bone fire will be the most common sight, making axed wood the most demand commodity. Just like the ‘stone age times’ fire would be worshiped, at least during the winters! It won’t surprise me, if wood pieces are sold as branded product. Something like ‘Smokeless’, ‘Scented’, ‘Fast action’ etc. Big businesses won’t bother how much it harms the ecology, their profit margin shall increase with the falling temperature.
Hope such situation does not arise; the woollen clothes are the best. Serving humans since ages, that to without a single instance of acknowledgement. Remember everything you can imagine is real. Be thankful to woollen clothes!